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What is Miya’s Law?

Miya’s Law is proposed bi-partisan legislation in the State of Florida (HB577/SB898) that endeavors to ensure an elevated expectancy of residential security and personal safety on residential properties in the State of Florida. In this light, stricter governance such as the implementation of higher levels of background checks and limitations on the use of master keys will ensure the protection of all tenants and aid in strengthening the relationships between landlords and tenants.

The enforcement of Miya’s Law will increase the safety and protection of our most vulnerable population, including students, children, single mothers, senior citizens, tenant-victims, and over 2.8 million Florida residents residing in single- or multi-unit residential properties. Residential security and personal safety are undoubtedly among the very first lines of defense in the protection of tenants residing in residential communities, and a solid baseline must be established and upheld to safeguard tenants. Safety and security are basic human rights (rights to life) and should be regarded as such.

Miya’s Law will help ensure the protection and wellbeing of our most vulnerable population – further reassuring tenant safety and security within residential communities. Because of Miya’s Law, lives will be saved.

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How to Support Miya’s Law?

We are deeply touched by the influx of messages we have received from people all around the world inquiring on ways to support Miya’s Law. Below is a list of ways that you can get involved and support:

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Audrey Gibson, Vice
  1. Click here to sign our petition
  2. Click here to share our “I Support Miya’s Law” social media post
  3. Contact the Judiciary Committee, members, via phone and email and let them know that you want them to support the passing of Miya’s Law:
    Click the link for the letter template Template for Miya’s Law Please note that this is just a guide and we encourage you to draft your own version and add the reasons why you Support Miya’s Law. Feel free to CC
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